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ST1100 Wash Guns

ST1500 Wash Guns

ST2000 Wash Guns

ST2300 Wash Guns

ST2600 Wash Guns

Baby Water Gun

Heavy Duty Water Gun

900MM Lance with nozzle protector

1000mm Lance

1200mm Lance

 900mm   Lance

ST357 Turbo Nozzles

ST458 Turbo Nozzles

Spraying Systems Nozzles

Economy Gun & Lance Assemblies

ST73.1 Foam Nozzle

ST72.1 Foam Lances

ST75 Foam Head

ST60 Chemical Injector


ST45 Coupling Plug

ST45 Quick Coupling

TEMA complete Coupling

TPQNC Mini Coupling

TPQNCSS Mini Coupling

Nito Click Coupling

Automatic hose reel

Hose Clamps


3/4" Locknut

Dowty Bonded Seals

Vikan Brushes

Vikan Wash Poles

Vikan Squeegees