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ST3100 Plastic Foam Nozzle

The ST3100 plastic foam nozzle by RM Suttner is a great solution for anyone looking for a foam nozzle that can be used as part of a HACCP colour coding system. Manufactured from food safe plastics and extremely lightweight, this nozzle is an excellent cost effective foaming option for open plant cleaning in the Food Industry. The nozzle allows for company branding.

  • Lightweight less than 43 grams
  • Cost effective
  • Manufactured from food safe plastics
  • HACCP/ possible colours: yellow, red, blue and green
  • Personalised branding possible.
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ST3100 Foam Gun

The Suttner ST3100 stainless steel guns are a range of medium pressure (60bar), high flow (100lpm) guns designed for use with foam. These are a professional gun with an external progressive valve closing system, which reduces the risk of water hammer in high flow applications. They are designed for use in foam and rinse applications within food processing environments and have impact resistant plastic housings which comply with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004.

  • Made from food safe impact resistant plastics
  • Reduced water hammer risk
  • Low trigger force technology
  • Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 compliant.
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Why choose the ST3100 wash gun and plastic foam nozzle?

Water Hammer

In the food industry, open plant cleaning is a critical process to maintain hygiene and ensure the safety of food products. High flow, lower pressure cleaning systems are often preferred in the food industry for several reasons including prevention of contamination. High flow, lower pressure systems are designed to effectively remove contaminants, residues, and particles from surfaces without the risk of dispersing these contaminants into the air. Lower pressure reduces the potential for aerosolization of particles that could contaminate the food processing environment. High flow of water in a plumbing system can potentially exacerbate water hammer. Water hammer, or hydraulic shock, occurs when there is a sudden change in water flow, often caused by the rapid opening or closing of a valve or a quick change in the direction of water flow. This sudden change in flow generates a pressure wave that can travel through the plumbing system, leading to vibrations, noise, and potential damage to pipes and fixtures. The ST3100 professional foam gun is designed with an external progressive valve closing system, which reduces the risk of water hammer in high flow applications, making this gun the forerunner when selecting a wash gun for these kinds of wash down systems.


Why choose the ST3100 wash gun and plastic foam nozzle?

HACCP compliancy and continuous improvement

Many regulatory bodies and food safety standards require the implementation of HACCP plans in food production facilities. Compliance with these regulations is necessary for the food industry to ensure the safety of products and meet legal requirements. HACCP encourages a culture of continuous improvement. Regular reviews of the HACCP plan, including cleaning procedures, allow for adjustments and enhancements based on new information, technological advances, or changes in the production process. colour coding is often implemented as part of a visual management system to prevent cross-contamination and ensure hygiene in food processing facilities. The use of specific colors for tools, equipment, and designated areas helps maintain separation between different work zones and reduces the risk of spreading contaminants. The ST3100 foam nozzles can be colour coded further enhancing any HACCP strategy within food processing environments.


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