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Products dedicated to the Agricultural Industry.

G&S stock easyfarm365+ products, specifically designed to be used in the agricultural environment. The easyfarm365+ product line consists of high quality, innovative products made from corrosion resistant materials.  These products have been developed to be used in agriculture where high flow rates and high pressures are required.

Products available in the easyfarm365+ line are:

  • Push and Pull lances to make it easier to access hard to reach places.
  • Foam blasters for producing thick cleaning foam.
  • High performance mud suckers for extracting dirt, stones and sediment.
  • Wash guns with low trigger force technology.
  • High performance surface cleaners that can clean large areas quickly.



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Easyfarm365+ high pressure hoses

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Easyfarm365+ foam application

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Easyfarm365+ Double lance

Which foam injector do I need?

Learn more about our foam injection equipment from our Interactive Foam nozzle chart. This chart is designed to help bring all the correct products together for generating foam for cleaning. Click any of the boxes to learn more about what each different foam injectors purpose is and to see suitable guns and lances for these injectors.