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How to upgrade your Turbo Devil surface cleaner

Tungsten Steel upgrade

How do I upgrade my surface cleaner?

If you already have a surface cleaner and would like to upgrade it, this video will show you how. Order your kit here SKU: 10836905

The original ceramic seals supplied with the Turbo Devil surface cleaners are prone to shatter. This can happen if the rotar arm underneath comes into contact with a large stone or curb. If you notice your unit leaking, losing power or there is noticable damage on the rotar arm, this is probably what has happened. To solve this issue we have a tungsten carbide repair kit.  The parts in this kit are much harder and stronger than the ones supplied in the units. By upgrading your surface cleaner using this kit you will increase the life expectancy of the product. For demonstration purposes in the video the swivel was completely removed from the surface cleaner, however this kit can be inserted by simply removing the top section of the swivel.



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supplied with Tungsten Carbide kit Installed.

This is a Turbo Devil 420mm surface cleaner which comes supplied with the Tungsten Carbide repair kit Installed.  This kit will increase the life expectancy of the uniut..


supplied with Tungsten Carbide kit installed.

This is a Turbo Devil 520mm surface cleaner which comes supplied with the Tungsten Carbide repair kit installed.  This kit will increase the life expectancy of the unit.


Surface Cleaners, why use them?

Time efficiency is extremely important within the industrial cleaning industry, to be competitive it’s important to be able to achieve economical results. The radius of a surface cleaner will enable the user to clean a greater area much faster than using a single lance.

Some of the main benefits of using a surface cleaner are the ability to work faster and cleaner. The housing on the surface cleaner acts as a splashguard and improves cleaning quality. The nozzles within the housing are kept at an even distance from the ground which ensures even cleaning results. Some of the surface cleaners we can supply are available with recovery ports which will allow for waste water to be recycled or removed.

At G&S we have a whole range of surface cleaners that can clean stairs, walls, roofs and other surfaces. We can supply Mosmatic surface and roof cleaners as well as the RM Suttner Turbo Devil Eco and Industrial range.

Turbo Devil Maintenance

Demonstration Video