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Foam Injection Equipment

1.6mm Nozzle Size

On this page you will find the correct chemical injectors for the flow and pressure of the machine you wish to install your equipment on to. Simply pick one of the Injectors that best suits your needs below. The related foam lance or foam head on the product page of that injector are the products required to work with the injector to produce foam.

ST160 Foam Injector

RM Suttner ST160 chemical injector
RM Suttner ST160 chemical injector

The ST160 foam injector made from food grade stainless steel. Perfect as part of a system for cleaning food processing areas.

ST164 Foam Injector

The ST164 is a great chemical injector for anyone looking for a product that can easily switch between two chemicals. simply swing the valve to select the chemical you require.

ST167/ST168 Foam Injector

The ST168 chemical injector has a lever to allow the user to switch from cleaning to rinse mode.