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How to use our site

Here at G & S we feel that it is important that we make ordering as simple as possible for our customers. As the internet increases in usage and popularity we needed to make sure that we were keeping up to date with the latest techniques and feel our new site allows us to do that.

The website now allows you to order online and to keep a record of your orders. Although the website can be seen by anyone on the web we have given all of our current customers a dedicated user name and password making it totally secure. All customers will be able to view of all our products and any new additions will be updated as soon as they are available allowing you to have the most comprehensive list available anywhere. With over 11,500 items showing them on the database was a major undertaking. It needed to be easy to navigate and simple to use and we feel that we have managed to achieve both. As with your current catalog we have tried to reflect the category headings and break them down accordingly. Therefore you can find the products either by using the current codes from the catalog within the search bar or by searching for them in either of the 12 product headings. Each heading then has subsections so it speeds up the process and once you have the part in question it's just a simple case of popping it into your shopping basket.

As we have already populated your details and you hold an account there is no need to complete what is called the payment gateway. We will then email you to confirm receipt of the order and when it's being dispatched. This order will then be held as a record within your account enabling you to keep a record of what you have ordered from us over time. It may also reduce the ordering process especially for repeat orders hopefully saving you time and money. As our system is also available 24 / 7 you can order outside normal working hours.

We hope you find the website useful and informative. However if you prefer to fax or phone your orders through to the team then this is still perfectly acceptable as we welcome all orders.

Richard Weir your account manager is fully versed on how the website works and will be more than helpful to guide you through it the next time he calls to see you.