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Hawk pumps

Hawk Pumps is a distinguished name, celebrated for delivering robust and reliable solutions across various industries. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and durability, Hawk Pumps cater to diverse applications, including cleaning, agriculture, and industrial processes. With a commitment to excellence, Hawk Pumps ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity in their products. The brand's innovative designs and a comprehensive range of pumps make them a preferred choice for professionals seeking powerful and versatile pumping solutions. Trust in Hawk Pumps for high-pressure performance that meets the rigorous demands of modern applications.

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Hawk Pumps: 15 LPM to 35 LPM

Model Flow (lpm) Pressure (bar) RPM KW Minimum required HP Shaft Size Inlet - Outlet
NMT1520R 15 200 1450 5.5 7.4 24mm 1/2"F - 3/8"F
XLT 2530i R 24 300 1450 14.1 19.2 24mm 3/8"F - 3/4"F
XLT 3025i R 30 240 1450 14.2 19.3 24mm 3/4"F - 1/2"F
XLT 3517i R 35 170 1450 11.2 15.2 24mm "F - "F
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