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Discover the future of car wash technology with RM Suttner EasyWash365+ products, meticulously designed for the car wash industry. Our stand showcases cutting-edge solutions, promising increased productivity, and optimal performance. Chat to our industry experts and unlock exclusive insights into revolutionising your car wash business. From state-of-the-art equipment to unparalleled expertise, a visit to the G&S Trade Stand ensures you stay ahead in the dynamic world of car care. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your car wash operations and drive success with the latest innovations!

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Easywash365+ Wash Brush

A wash brush can help scrub away dirt and grime more effectively than water pressure alone. The bristles of the brush can agitate dirt particles, making it easier for the high-pressure water flow to remove them from the surface being cleaned. Using a wash brush can save time and effort compared to using a pressure washer alone. The brush can help remove dirt and stains more quickly and effectively, reducing the amount of time and effort required to clean the surface.

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Easywash365+ Wash Gun

Easywash365+ Professional Wash Gun with RM Suttner patented Low Trigger Force technology. The engineering team at RM Suttner are always looking to develop their products to make high pressure cleaning more effective and efficient. The low trigger force technology in the Easywash365+ guns makes handling of the gun very easy for the user. The range of Easywash365+ products have been designed specifically for the professional car wash bay.

  • Made from impact resistant plastics
  • Low trigger force technology
  • Swivel Inlet for improved manoeuvrability
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Carwash Comfort Hose

Hose dedicated to the self service car wash.

Car wash bays require hoses that can withstand the demands of frequent and prolonged use, as well as the presence of water, soap, and cleaning chemicals. Here are a few reasons why easywash365+ Carwash Comfort hose is amongst the best on the market.

Durability: Car wash hoses need to be durable enough to withstand constant exposure to water, high-pressure conditions, and potential abrasion. They should be able to resist kinking, cracking, and damage from chemicals commonly used in car washes.

Flexibility: Car wash hoses should be flexible to allow for easy maneuverability around the vehicle being washed. This flexibility helps in reaching different areas of the car without causing strain or discomfort to the operator.

High-pressure capabilities: Car wash hoses are often subjected to high-pressure water flow to effectively remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the vehicle's surface. Carwash Comfort hose can handle these high-pressure conditions without leaking or bursting. 

Chemical resistance: Car wash bays often use various cleaning chemicals and detergents to aid in the cleaning process. Easywash365+ Carwash Comfort hose is resistant to these cehmicals preventing deterioration and damage over time.


Easywash365+ Car wash products

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easywash365+ Professional Car Wash equipment
easywash365+ Professional Car Wash equipment