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    A battery operated sprayer.
    A battery operated sprayer. Abattery operated sprayer lid. The battery inserted into a battery operated sprayer. A close up of a battery operated sprayer. A close up of measurement levels on a battery operated sprayer. The harness of a battery operated sprayer. video
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    If you are looking for a professional sprayer that is incredibly comfortable, powered by modern batteries, durable and resistant as no other, then the RX alka is a sprayer for you. The mobility afforded by a battery-operated knapsack sprayer allows extremely easy disinfection. Moving between devices or in hard-to-reach places is simpler when the sprayer is on your back and your hands are free. Thanks to the flat-jet nozzle added to the sprayer, you can apply cleaning agents like by using a paint-spraying gun. Such a nozzle guarantees perfect and even coverage of the surface at only one pass without the need to correct it.

    Field of application
    » Oil industry
    » Chemical industry
    » Control of epidemics
    » Workshops and factories
    » Disinfection and rat control

    Technical Specs

    Volume: 12 Litre
    Height: 640mm
    Pressure: 3.8bar

    Weight: 6.8000 kg