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    easyprotect365+ professional protective clothing for abrasive blasting operations up to 500 bar / 7,500 psi.
    Uses "Dyneema®" The strongest fiber in the world for the toughest demands of the world.
    The perfect protection for people who work professionally with high-pressure cleaner not only in the industry.
    Comfort, function and safety
    Until now there has been no adequate protection for high pressure cleaning.
    Nothing that corresponded to the achievements of modern devices or user requirements on comfort and functionality.
    Our experience with water blasting work at high pressures (up to 500 bar / 7,500psi) and other personal protective equipment are the basis for our new clothing range.
    easyprotect365+ protection for high pressure cleaning.
    Ideal protection for abrasive blasting of concrete rehabilitation works, shipyards, petrochemical and steel industry.

    » 3-layer apron with CE certification
    » Security for blasting work up to 500 bar
    » Ideal for work in warm environments
    » Adjustable carrying band, waist band
    » Easy to put on and waterproof
    » Weight 0.7 kg
    » One Size
    » Protection class 5/5/2
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    Product Code: 956123501


    Technical Specs

    Uses "Dyneema®"
    for work up to 500 bar
    One size

    Weight: 0.7700 kg
    R+M 2018 catalogue Page 361 Page 499