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Suttner High Pressure Guns

Suttner ST601 Linear Series, 275bar, 45l/min, 150ºc
Suttner ST810 Series, 210bar, 30 l/min, 150ºc
Suttner ST860 Series, Max 210 bar, 30 l/min, 200ºc
Suttner ST1100 Series, Max 210 bar, 25 l/min, 150ºC
Suttner ST1500 Series, Max 275 bar, 45 l/min, 150ºC
Suttner ST2000 Series, Max 275 bar, 45 l/min, 150ºC
Suttner ST2300 Series, 310 bar, 45 l/min, 150ºc
Suttner ST2315 Series, 350 Bar, 45 l/min, 150°c
Suttner ST2320 Series, Max 150 bar, 80 l/min, 150°c
Suttner ST2600 Series, Max 350 bar, 45 l/min
Suttner ST2635 Series, 400 Bar, 35 l/min & 150°c
Suttner ST2700 Series, Max 350 bar, Max 80 l/min, 150ºc Food Safe.
Suttner ST3100 series, Max 60 bar ,Max 100 l/min. 150ºc Food Safe
Suttner ST3225 Series, Max 60 Bar, Max 120 l/min, Max 100°c
Suttner ST3300 series, Max 150 bar, Max 100 l/min, 150ºc Food Safe
Suttner ST3500 Series, 350 Bar, 100 l/min, 150°c
Suttner ST3600 Series and UHP 500/600 bar, Max 100 l/min, 150ºc
Suttner ST4000 Series, MAX 20 BAR, 200°C
EasyWash 365+ Range
Suttner Economy Range
Easyfarm365+ 250 Bar, 60 l/min & 150°c
EcoLine, Max 250 bar, Max 45 l/min, 150ºc